Proprietor of Vi-Spring Luxury Beds

                       Scottsdale, Arizona


Hi Kay,  The bed is amazing. I slept a full 8 hours last night for the first time in about two years. I was so happy when I woke and it was light.  I really love the bed.

Dr. B

Thanks for the reminder note/instructions for our fabulous mattress!  We love it more each night!!  Last week we were traveling and couldn't wait to return to our bed. No mattress offers a better night's rest.

Mr. & Mrs. E

We are enjoying the bed very much - so comfortable and so glamorous!

Mrs. B

Kay, What a gift it was to meet you and your sweet family!  I hope this finds you all very well, healthy and contented.  I do love the mattress and have enjoyed an improved quality of sleep for which I am immensely grateful. 

Ms. V

Kay, Thanks as always for the note!  I took a new job last year and travel every week.  It's always great to come home to my bed ...  we're still so happy with our purchase!

Mr. G

Thanks Kay, we greatly enjoyed meeting you and we love the bed!

Mr. R

Kay, the bed is unbelievable.  It's everything we hoped for and more.  We get such a long sleep now - it's like dying and going to heaven!

Mrs. E

The Vi-Spring bed that you suggested and we bought is the perfect bed. It makes all the difference in the world when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. What I like best is the split mattress model where you can have different firmnesses on the same bed. Now I can sleep on a soft mattress while my husband can sleep on a firm one, and we are all happy.

Mrs. W

My husband and I purchased a Vi-Spring Signatory bed seven months ago. We are very happy with it and since then we sleep better than ever. We enjoy the fine natural fillings of wool, cotton, cashmere, silk and Moosburger horsehair; also the two layers of individual sewn spring coils that give us all the support needed.  We went to the shop many times and lied down for hours before we made the decision. We wanted to be sure that this is our bed.  We are very grateful to the people who sold it to us for all the support, patience and for answering all the concerns we had regarding our bed. They also advised us to buy two single beds that zip together to make a king size bed ( Z'n'L King). It turned out to be very useful when flipping the mattresses over or spinning them around. At night I lie on my bed and feel like a queen...... drifting out to sleep and dreaming that I am a real queen....... ah.... 

Mr. & Mrs. P

Dear Kay,  My wife and I want to thank you for introducing us to the Vi-Spring mattress line.  Our Masterpiece mattress has exceeded our high expectations in both quality of construction and comfort. We have been staying at our summer vacation home, where we have a high quality mattress from a named manufacturer and after a week of sleeping on it longed for our return home to our Vi-Spring mattress!   Thanks again for introducing us to the Vi-Spring!

Mr. & Mrs. H

Kay, Phil, & Travis,  We just love the bed!  My back and hip did not bother me during the night or upon rising!  Thank you ever so much for a beautiful night's rest!

Mr. & Mrs. P

Dear Kay,   We are so happy that we purchased the Vi-Spring, Shetland Superb Mattress! It was a very wise investment. We have never slept better. Without reservation, we recommend Vi-Spring for anyone who is shopping for the very best – you have to experience it to appreciate our testimony! When one considers how many hours are spent in bed, why shouldn’t the mattress be a major investment?   Thank you for being a supplier. We wake up each morning feeling so good having had a comfortable night upon our Vi-Spring!  

Mr. & Mrs. E

We love, love, love the bed!

Mrs. Z

Dear Travis & Kay,  After sleeping on our new Vi-Spring mattress for a solid three months now, I can safely say that neither of us has ever gotten so many nights of such solid sleep before... ever!  Thank you for your patience with our decision-making process in buying the Vi-Spring product.  Your knowledge of the product, as well as your enthusiasm as users of the product yourselves, was very helpful and convincing!  We are so glad we were able to buy this bed.  We love it and we will recommend it to others who ask!

Mr. & Mrs. T

Hello Kay,  The Vi-Spring mattress is unbelievable.  The first night we slept on the mattress we knew that we made the right decision in purchasing the mattress.  We both experienced one of the best night's sleep we have had in a very long time.  Previously I would toss and turn all night because of hip and shoulder pain I experience during sleep.  On our new Vi-Spring mattress I have not experienced this  pain.  In fact, the tossing and turning I usually do is no longer happening.   Instead of now just sleeping on top of the mattress, the mattress is conforming to my body and providing me with the best night of sleep that I have ever experienced.   In fact, I do not feel the mattress during the night.  It feels that I am sleeping on a cloud.  My wife is experiencing similar feelings.   When we first were introduced to the Vi-Spring mattresses we were concerned about the cost of the mattresses.  We have always thought that mattresses were mattresses. After purchasing the mattress admittedly with some skepticism we are believers.  We now know after sleeping on the VI Spring mattress that the mattress is in a league of its own.  Our only regret is that we didn't know about this mattress years ago.  It is well worth the cost, but most importantly  the sleep it is providing us is priceless.   Thanks Kay for working with us and sharing your knowledge with us.  Your recommendations have changed our lives.  It is a pleasure working with you.  We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy our shopping experience with you and European Home.  We have been looking for a store like yours for a long time.

Mr. & Mrs. C

...we flipped the mattress yesterday and have loved every night on it since it arrived.  I have to tell you, now we don't enjoy traveling as much because the bed isn't nearly as comfortable as our Vi-Spring!  No more aches and pains in the morning.  It truly is worth the investment.

five months later:  The mattress is still an absolute dream.  We really love it.  I am so happy we bought it when we did. 

Mr. & Mrs. G

Kay, We got home Monday night, and the bed was set up, so I put on the sheets, mattress pad, and pillows, and what a heavenly sleep we had!  Every night since then has been great.  It was definitely worth the wait.  Thanks for all your help

Mrs. A

I love my new bed!  (Some family members think I spend too much time there).

Ms. K

Dear Kay,

Thank you so much for everything.  We're loving our Vi-Spring bed, it really takes the pressure off of the joints and promotes a sound night's rest.
It has been a pleasure meeting you, Phil and Travis.  Your patience, kindness, knowledge and hospitality made us feel comfortable throughout the purchasing process.

Again, thank you for going the extra mile.  We are absolutely delighted with the quality, comfort and appearance of our Vi-Spring bed.

Dr. & Mrs. J   

Dear Kay,

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the Vi-Spring mattress I purchased from you. Although I loved it from the first night, I wanted to wait a few months to write this letter so I could be certain it was as good as it seemed.

I have tried a number of different mattresses including both traditional and the popular foam mattresses, but was not impressed by any of them. I fractured my back in an automobile accident about three years ago, so my back is especially discerning when it comes to mattresses, as you can imagine. I purchased the Sublime Supreme mattress, although they all felt good to me. I am still not sure which one would have been the most perfect fit for me, but since my back is so happy now with this one, I have no reservations about the one I picked.

I have to admit that I had a hard time making the decision given the price and that I would not know for certain if I liked it until I had slept on it a while. This is one of the reasons I really wanted to write this letter, so someone who really needs or wants a good bed would not let this dissuade them. Health and feeling healthy are more important to me than money and knowing what I know now, I would have gladly paid double the price for the benefits I have enjoyed.

I also appreciate your kindness and patience with me while I made my decision.

Dr. K